Social Media Environment

We will be hosting a community where quantum chemists can share and promote their work and raw data. ChemAlive intends to become a nexus for quantum chemistry by sharing our database we allow for efficient use of guess wavefunctions and optimized structures by the whole community and at the same time grow our database size. Bootstrapping our data we will, in time, be able to make better decisions about the use of theory and quantify exactly how well one method works versus another. We will be able to get the most out of computation in the least amount of time benefiting all.

Please create an account (click on the green gear at center) to upload your calculations in standard formats (.CHK, .fchk, .mol etc). For every ten verified molecules (new converged structure, energy and frequency) you will win 1 free CPU hour on our system.

Please keep looking here for the launch of our community interface.