At ChemAlive, our goal is to allow the full and automatic calculation of accurate and reliable data for molecular properties and synthetic reactions available to all chemists from basic 2D chemical syntax. Our technologies beckon a future where, through computation, we know everything about a molecule and how to make it before the first test tube is in hand. A future where R&D is more directed, chemical processes are more efficient, more environmentally sound and the chemical industry is able to tackle more technological and medicinal challenges faster, for less, and with a greater beneficial impact and scope on society.

Meet the Leadership Team

with over 50 years experience in computational and experimental chemistry


Peter Jarowski, Ph. D.


Peter is an expert in the application of computational methods to molecular design. After NYU (B. Sc.), UCLA (Ph. D.), ETH, EPFL and as a former professor of chemistry, he has the vision to achieve reliable, meaningful chemical predictions without the hassle of the technical aspects of computational chemistry.

Laetitia Bomble

Laetita Bomble, Ph. D.


Laetitia is an expert at scientific programming for chemical analysis, especially the quantum dynamics of molecules. After Université de Paris-Sud (Ph. D.), and EPFL, Switzerland she integrates her knowledge of programming to bring new challenge-specific functionality to the chemistry community.


Thomas Eaton, Ph. D.


Thomas studied chemistry at Oxford University and obtained his Ph. D. from the University of Basel in organic chemistry. Following a career at Deloitte in management consulting  and UBS in contract negotiation he drives the team to bridge the gap between the science and the business case.


Martin Ockajak, MSci

VP of Engineering

Martin is a software engineer focused on the fields of distributed computing and artificial intelligence. He enjoys designing complex systems using cutting edge technology and leading teams building interesting products.

Meet the Advisory Board

with expertise across Chemistry, Software Development & Business

Victor Canivell is an experienced executive with a successful track record as European director and VicePresident of a number of high tech multinationals (HP, 3Com, Silicon Graphics, PerkinElmer) and CEO/ Board Member of innovative software start-ups in the security, bioinformatics and SaaS markets. His current interests reside in quantum computing, security and AI. Victor holds a PhD in Physics from UB, an MBA from ESADE and an extensive international business experience having worked and lived in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the US.

Meet the Scientific Advisory Board

with focus on Machine Learning applied to Chemistry

Nicola Marzari holds the chair of Theory and Simulation of Materials at EPFL, where he is also the Director of the Swiss National Centre for Computational Design and Discovery of Novel Materials (NCCR MARVEL). Before joining EPFL he held the first Statutory Professorship of Materials Modelling at the University of Oxford, and the Toyota Chair of Materials Engineering at MIT. He currently serves of Chairman of Psi-k.

Anatole von Lilienfeld is a professor of physical chemistry who specializes in the development and application of machine learning models for ultrafast yet accurate prediction of quantum properties. He is affiliated with the Department of Chemistry at the University of Basel, Switzerland, executing research funded by MARVEL, the Swiss National Science Foundation, an ERC consolidator grant, Google and others. He published over 70 papers in the field and has held numerous positions in Europe and the United States. For a full record of his achievements please visit his website.