ChemAlive in the News

June, 2018

ChemAlive makes slot 13 of the disrupt100 list of top disruptive companies worldwide

Thanks so much to Founders Factory for arranging this event

June, 2018

ChemAlive invited to 10 Downing Street as a leading tech company to an address by UK Prime Minister on Tech in Britain

Thanks so much to Founders Factory for arranging this event

June, 2018

ChemAlive is a Finalist at the AI Rising Stars Competition

Pitching its service for chemical data model built on advanced machine learning algorithms to speed up access to reliable quantum chemical data. Great event hosted by Founders Factory in Watford, England.

April, 2018

Best Presentation in Session at ACS Meeting

The joint manuscript between Aramco Services Center and ChemAlive has been awarded best presentation in session at the National ACS Meeting, New Orleans, 2018.

March, 2018

ChemAlive Joins Merck Accelerator in Darmstadt, Germany, to Build Pilot Project

ChemAlive has won entry into the Merck accelerator to execute pilot projects and engagement for 30,000 Euro in funding

March, 2018


ChemAlive's CEO Gives Lecture at UCLA

Peter returns as an alumnus to give a lecture on ChemAlive activities to the UCLA chemistry department with focus on turning chemical technology into deeptech business

February, 2018


ChemAlive Releases White Paper

High Throughput Quantum Chemistry for Drug Discovery - Towards Reaction Screening - was published as a white paper on a leading channel for drug discovery, pharma and biotech viewpoints.

January, 2018


ChemAlive Receives CTI (InnosuisseGrant

ChemAlive have been awarded a InnoSuisse Grant jointly with academic partners EPFL and UniBasel. Starting in Q2, 2018 the project will run for 1.5 years through 2019.

December, 2017

Slush: Climate Impact Battle

ChemAlive made top 10 of the Climate-KIC start-ups Europe wide to present at the SLUSH investor conference in Helsinki.


November, 2017


MassChallenge Gold Winners

On Thursday 16th November, ChemAlive were announced as Gold Winners of the MassChallenge start-up competition!


October, 2017


Publication: Journal of American Chemical Society

DOI: 10.1021/jacs.7b07053

Gels produced with dynamic polymers are broken down to liquids after the addition of metal salts. NMR studies and DFT calculations reveal that the  energetic landscape render stable nonequilibrium products. These species remain stable in the liquid phase at room temperature but convert to gels upon heating.  Controlled gel times dictated by the thermodynamics and kinetics of the system were achieved harnessing self-healing properties and triggered release functionality.


October, 2016


ChemAlive Enters Climate-KIC Accelerator

EIT Climate-KIC is a European knowledge and innovation community, working towards a prosperous, inclusive, climate-resilient society founded on a circular, zero-carbon economy