ChemAlive Partners


Spirochem is an elite contract research organization based in Basel specializing in chemical synthesis

Through our partnership ChemAlive can manage and execute data driven chemical synthesis projects and validate its state-of-the-art predictions

Quantum Server

Quantum Server is an on-line social network for computational scientists in materials and chemistry

A large resource of experts that can jump on projects to model what the industry needs to know


Chemspace is an on-line compound sourcing and drug discovery platform

ChemAlive and Chemspace have partnered to deliver quantum chemistry to the fine chemicals space on-line to improve customer confidence and research with more accurate molecular structural information

GPV Advanced

GPV Advanced provides the most accurate computational chemistry description of catalyzed reaction, materials and complex molecular models in multi-scale modeling.

ChemAlive and GPV Advanced have partnered to expand the scope of available services to our community of clients.


Sciformation maintains a multidisciplinary Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) with a focus on chemistry.

ChemAlive and Sciformation have partnered to deliver quantum chemical prediction to Sciformation clients directly in the ELN